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Book Group

book_clubThe aim of the Book Group is for Probus members to get together to discuss a common text. Our objective is to have fun as well as explore the themes, characterization and style of the work.

We meet in a member’s home in the evening of the second Wednesday of the month. We keep the group to a maximum of 13 as this is about all we can squeeze into the designated living room.

At the end of each year we select eleven books for the following year. We decide on titles that are readily available from the local libraries. So far, we have managed to select choices that satisfy both our male and female members. Because our members select the texts, we always get a diverse range of styles and genres.

Each month, the discussion on the text is led by the member who selected it. Because of this, everyone gets a chance to direct the discussion of at least one book. No matter what the book is, we all have useful and interesting things to say about it.

We meet at the same house each month with the person leading the group bringing a bottle of white and red wine to help things along. Supper is our time for a wind-down and is a welcome opportunity to chat.

Book Group – March 2015 (1)

Book Group – March 2015 (2)